Sunday, August 13, 2006

New author on "Survivor Planet"

I remember when I first heard about the show "Survivor" many years ago and I thought it really was a show about marooned people living by their wits. The first episode hooked me even though it wasn't what I expected. Mind you, I still enjoy the show as a social experiment working as entertainment, but it isn't about "making do".

I needed to write another Gaian book. An editor who was passing on my first Gaian book suggested that if the story took place during the war that might be more interesting. I thought about the movie, Enemy Mine, where two space pilots are stranded on a hostile planet and have to "make do" to survive.

Suppose they weren't alien and human, but two humans of the opposite sex from opposite sides, and they couldn't just live together. Sounded like fun. So I wrote it and it was fun. A lot of fun. Even the magazine Romantic Times gave it a 4.5 star Top Pick! Which made me very happy.

Janet Miller

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Rowena Cherry said...

Hey, Janet,

That is a great posting! Funnily enough, you must have posted your blog here exactly at the same time as I was posting the cover flat and a blurb from your website.

This is much better. Welcome to SURVIVAL-ROMANCE.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry